World Refugee Day in Belgium

WRD - Bike close-upOn 20 June we observe World Refugee Day (WRD). The theme of this year’s observance is “Refugees have no choice. You do”. In Belgium, various activities will take place on and around the day to raise awareness of refugee issues.

Guerrilla stunt

On 18 and 19 June at 23:30, a short film will be projected onto a historic railway station building at Place du Luxembourg, in Brussels. The projection will give the impression that the building is being attacked and damaged by huge explosions. It will also project questions from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s international “Dilemma” Campaign, reminding the public that people are forced to flee their homes because of violence, terror and rape.

WRD - Projection

Facebook campaign

You are invited to participate in the WRD Facebook campaign by becoming a refugee for a day. This action is supported by many Belgian celebrities who will post the Facebook app on their pages to spread the word.

WRD - Facebook
Sampling action – bikes

On 20 June, some 400 volunteers will attach some 16,000 small flyers to bike wheels in about 25 railway stations. When riding a bike, these flyers will make a sound similar to gun shots and thus evoke the feeling of threat and violence which forces refugees to flee.

WRD in Belgium - Bike initiative
To see a TV spot and become a refugee for a day please visit the WRD in Belgium website in French or Dutch.