World Humanitarian Day Campaign Reaches Hundreds of Millions of People

Interactive map of people's actionsThe United Nations World Humanitarian Day 2012 campaign has made social media history by sharing more than one billion messages encouraging people to do something good for someone else.

The campaign asked people around the world to pledge to help another person on World Humanitarian Day. On the campaign’s website, thousands of people have marked their good deed on a global interactive map. Actions include teaching young people to read and write, contributing skills to community projects, fundraising for NGOs, and contributing time and money to humanitarian projects.

Beyoncé Knowles, along with songwriter Diane Warren, donated the song ‘I Was Here’ to the campaign, for which she also filmed a music video at the General Assembly Hall at UN Headquarters in New York.

cinema32x32 DblueBeyoncé performing “I Was Here” at the UN General Assembly

For more information about the campaign please click here. You can still ‘pin’ your action in the interactive map on the campaign’s website.

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