WHO and the European Commission meet to agree future common action in key areas

Brussels, 24-25 March 2011 (WHO) – Senior officials and technical experts from WHO and the European Commission meet in Brussels on 24 and 25 March 2011 to outline and agree how the two partnering organizations will work together.

The meeting will be opened by Dr Chan, Director-General of WHO, who will be joined by the WHO regional directors for Europe and Africa, as well as the Director of the Pan-American Health Organization (WHO Regional Office for the Americas), together with senior officials from all six WHO regions. They will focus on innovation and research in health, health security, public health information systems, health systems and investing in health, health inequalities and cooperation in countries. The senior officials will also discuss other topics such as the Lisbon treaty, reform of WHO, humanitarian aid and health aspects of the northern Africa crisis and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The discussions around the six core areas will incorporate global as well as European and country-specific dimensions, and will identify how both organizations can be mutually supportive and work more coherently. An administrative agreement between WHO/Europe and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control will be signed.