United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)


What is UNICEF?

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the main UN organization defending, promoting and protecting children’s rights. It also works towards protecting the world’s most disadvantaged children. UNICEF believes that children have the

  • Right to Adequate Nutrition,
  • Right to Education,
  • Right to Health,
  • Right to Participate,
  • Right to Protection, and
  • Right to Clean Water.

Visit the following link to find out more about UNICEF’s programs: http://www.unicef.org/whatwedo/index.html

UNICEF’s Presence in the World

UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate for children, with strong presence in 190 countries. The heart of UNICEF’s work is in the field. Each country office carries out UNICEF’s mission through a unique programme of cooperation developed with the host government. The overall management and administration of UNICEF takes place at the New York headquarter, where global policy on children is shaped. In addition, UNICEF operates the Innocenti Research Centre in Florence, Specialized office such as the Supply Division in Copenhagen, and two Public-Sector Alliances and Resource Mobilization Offices (PARMO) in Brussels and Tokyo. Furthermore, UNICEF have 36 National Committees, that promote children’s rights, raise funds, sell UNICEF greeting cards and products, create key partnerships, and provide other support.

Flags of countries where UNICEF is present Visit the following link to see the full list of UNICEF offices: http://www.unicef.org/about/structure/index_worldcontact.html


Visit the following link to see the full list of UNICEF’s Publications: http://www.unicef.org/publications/index.html

UNICEF Public-Sector Alliances and Resource Mobilization Office in Brussels

UNICEF Brussels is a Public-Sector Alliances and Resource Mobilization Office (PARMO). Its mandates include working to:

  • Collaborate with the European Union (EU) in all areas relevant to UNICEF’s work
  • Improve the image and visibility of UNICEF and the UN, promote political support for the UN and ensure proper UN representation with EU Institutions
  • Ensure mutual understanding and knowledge between UNICEF & the EU in Brussels and in the field
  • Mobilise resources for UNICEF’s humanitarian and development work

This is achieved through:

  • Communication and Advocacy of Children’s Rights
  • Influencing EU policies regarding Children’s Rights
  • Coordination and Collaboration with UNICEF country offices on cooperation activities between UNICEF and the European Union
  • Mobilization of resources for country offices in the field.