UNBT team secures third place in Schuman Trophy Tournament

Playing under the UNIDO banner, staff from IOM, UNFCCC, UNIDO and UNRIC took part in the Schuman Trophy football tournament for the fourth year running, finishing in third place.UN Team with players from IOM, UNFCCC, UNIDO and UNRIC

The tournament, now in its 15th year, brings together more than 30 teams representing the various Directorate Generals and other Services and Agencies of the European Commission. For the past four years, an inter-institutional tournament had been played between other European and international institutions, such as the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the United Nations.  The inter-institutional tournament was won by the Council for the 4th year in a row and the Schuman Trophy Tournament at large by DG Interpretation.

UNIDO Director Christophe Yvetot with the trophy

The Schuman Trophy is a charity initiative to help poor and disadvantaged children in Belgium and abroad.  Since the creation in 1997 the tournament has raised more than 400,000 Euros and funded 96 projects.

The tournament is organised and managed by voluntary committee from the European Commission who through the initiative fund projects such as assistance to children in hospitals, constructions of schools, purchase of

 special equipments for disabled young people as well as visits to cultural places and refurbishing of libraries for children.




UN Team with players from IOM, UNFCCC, UNIDO and UNRIC