UN Brussels Football Team wins Schuman Trophy 2016

Brussels, 16th May 2016

In a high level and symbolic final against NATO, the UN Brussels Football Team supported by UNIDO won the Schuman Trophy’ inter-institutional tournament of this year. Since seven years the UN Team has been part of the tournament which regroups EU and other institutions (e.g. EC, Council, NATO, etc.). The spirit of Schuman Trophy around solidarity and fair-play are very much in line with UN values and the EU-UN partnership. 

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The games

The UN Team was in the Group A together with the European Commission and the European Brussels School. In the first match against the European Commission, the UN Team won 3-0 against a very organized and experienced team that has been playing together from several years. In the second match the UN Team drew 1-1 with the European School of Brussels, a team which regrouped many talented and dynamic young players. The final  saw the UN team winning against NATO 5-2 at the end of a hard-fought battle. In a very much UN style the team has shown a great spirit of collaboration and solidarity amongst the players, which has made these achievement possible. “This was an amazing game and day, but even more important the spirit of the UN, the Schuman Trophy and our EU-UN partnership was there!” said Florian Iwinjak, Programme and Liaison Officer at UNIDO and captain of the UN team. UNIDO has been leading and supporting the team and its fruitful engagement with EU Institutions since years. Christophe Yvetot, UNIDO representative to the EU says: “We are strongly committed to engage with the European Union and its institutions in a human and fun way to celebrate our fruitful partnership aiming at poverty reduction and sustainable development.”

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The trophy

The Schuman Trophy, which marks the 20th anniversary, has been a fair-play charity football tournament in support of impoverished and marginalized children inside and outside of the EU.. Besides an opportunity of enjoying a unique experience in a friendly environment bringing together people from different backgrounds and parts of Europe and beyond, the Schuman Trophy is an important charity event. Since the beginning of the first edition in 1996, more than 150 projects in developing countries as well as in Belgium supporting disadvantaged and marginalized children have been supported. For many years the Trophy was a European Commission internal event, since seven years other EU institutions as well as the United Nations have been invited to participate.

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EU-UN cooperation

Based on the EU’s choice for multilateralism as enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon (Art.3) and common values, the EU and the UN have been cooperation for poverty reduction, peace, human rights and sustainable development since many years. The signature of the Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement (FAFA) in 2003 further contributed to facilitate technical cooperation around the world. The Schuman Trophy represents only one aspect of a strong partnership between the UN and the EU. It symbolizes a different form of bringing people together around a cherished passion and for a good purpose.

Hearty Congratulations to UN Brussels Football Team!

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