Send a Message to Nelson Mandela

Brussels, 18 July 2012 – To celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day, the UN Regional Information Centre, with the support of the International Press Centre and the Embassy of South Africa, invites you to write a message to Nelson Mandela that will be sent to him through the South African Embassy in Brussels.


The post box for your messages is available at the main entrance hall of the International Press Centre (155, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat, 155, 1040 Brussels) today. There is also an exhibition, featuring background on the Day and suggestions for 67 minutes of service. A photo slide show is also being screened with a selection of quotes by Mr. Mandela.

If you can’t come write your message to Nelson Mandela in person, you are welcome to post it on our Facebook page and we will put it in the post box for you.