Report: The State of Environmental Migration 2011

Environmental migrationThe State of Environmental Migration 2011 is the second of an annual series, which aims to provide the reader with new assessments on the changing nature and dynamics of environmental migration throughout the world.

Written by students of the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) and edited by The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and International Migration Organization (IOM), this volume’s case studies analyze the migration flows that were induced by some of the most dramatic events of 2011—both sudden disasters and slow-onset events.

While scientific research on environmental migra­tion has considerably expended over recent years, The State of Environmental Migration once again gathers and documents major cases of environ­mentally-induced migration and displacement that happened during the year 2011. It is meant to feed scholar studies and eventually political discussions. The existence itself of this volume underscores the importance of the subject, but also the complexity of the phenomenon.

Diversity and universality are common features of environmental migration: be they labeled migrants or refugees, affected by human-made or natural events, all those migrating or being displaced seek protection, livelihood and opportunities for a safer future.

The State of Environmental Migration 2011
The State of Environmental Migration 2010