Mr Achim Steiner, Executive Director, UNEP

Mr Achim Steiner, Executive Director, UNEP

Mr Achim Steiner is in Brussels next week from 24-27 May to meet with senior EU officials, including

– Council President, Herman Van Rompuy

– Committee of the Regions President, Mercedes Bresso

– European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potočnik

– European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard

– Chair of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, Jo Leinen

– Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions, Gerard Stahl

– Secretary-General of the External Action Service, Pierre Vimont

Mr Steiner will also have the opportunity to meet European leaders, including

– Spain’s Minister for the Environment, Rosa Aguilar Rivero

– Belgium’s Minister for Development Cooperation, Olivier Chastel

Mr Steiner will discuss UNEP’s recent groundbreaking Green Economy Report, a range of environmental issues such as climate change, as well as the EU and UNEP’s preparation for next year’s UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20.

As well as holding bilateral meetings, Mr Steiner will hold a number of public events, which are listed below.



Resource efficiency: the agenda for economic transformation

Tues 24 May, 16.30-18.00 (GMT+1)   More info here

European Commission, Green Week, Charlemagne Building

UNEP’s International Resource Panel is a group of international experts whose global scientific assessments seek to improve understanding of ways to increase resource efficiency. Their assessments show global resource use escalating in parallel with rising population and wealth. But some resource efficiency improvements have been noted, indicating an enormous potential to increase resource efficiency in developed and developing countries. This session will analyse the current and future resource use patterns, and consider options to improve resource efficiency.

– Webstream available at – click on “Green Week Live”

Business-focused event: “Strengthening the role of the private sector in the transition to a Resource Efficient and Green Economy: On the Road to Rio+20”

Followed by a networking cocktail

Tues 24 May, 18.30-19.30 (GMT+1) 

Edelman | The Centre, 22 Av. Marnixlaan

UNEP’s Green Economy Report, released in February, challenges the myth that investing in the environment comes at the expense of economic growth. The report shows how redirecting 2% of global Gross Domestic Product into ten key sectors – from forests and energy to fisheries and transport – can boost green growth and create more jobs than a ‘business as usual’ model, while using the planet’s resources in a more sustainable way. Mr Steiner will discuss with business and industry representatives how to ensure the level of private sector engagement which will be necessary to scale up the green economy.

– Register via email with ‘Green Economy’ in the subject field and stating clearly your name, job title and organisation to: [email protected] – No webstream available

Hearing on RIO+20: Towards a Green Economy

Weds 25 May, 10.00-11.30 (GMT+1)   More info here

European Parliament, ENVI Committee, Room JAN 2Q2

The EP’s Environment Committee will hold a hearing on ‘Rio+20’ in view of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.  The hearing, taking place on May 25, will focus on green economy and sustainable development governance.

– Webstream available at – go to “Live from the EP” then “broadcast schedule”

The United Nations conference on sustainable development in 2012: can it deliver on resource efficiency?

Thurs 26 May, 16.30-18.00 (GMT+1)   More info here

European Commission, Green Week, Charlemagne Building

This Green Week session will discuss how UNCSD can help move the resource efficiency agenda forward at global level. Which concrete outcomes should be pursued in terms of policy-instruments? What specific issues (e.g. water, food, energy) and policies (e.g. development cooperation, trade) should it address and how? What role is there for private sector initiatives alongside actions by public authorities?

– Webstream available at – click on “Green Week Live”


The Great Green Economy Debate: Pathways to Sustainable Development & Poverty Eradication

Followed by a networking cocktail

Thurs 26 May, 18.30-19.30 (GMT+1)   More info here

European Commission, Green Week, Charlemagne Building, GASP conference room

This debate brings together representatives from a variety of viewpoints to consider whether the Green Economy comprehensively challenges the myth of a tradeoff between environmental investments and economic growth and instead points to a current “gross misallocation of capital”. Furthermore, is the Green Economy not only relevant to more developed economies or can it be a key catalyst for growth and poverty eradication in developing ones too, where in some cases close to 90 per cent of the GDP of the poor is linked to nature or natural capital such as forests and freshwaters.

– Webstream available at – click on “Green Week Live”