Let’s Travel Together and GreenUp the Planet

GreenUp Transport BannerThe UN Environment Programme (UNEP), together with dozens of train, metro, bus and carpooling companies across Europe, have launched the Let’s Travel Together campaign aimed at changing the behaviour of travellers and commuters and inviting citizens to virtually share their ride with friends and jump on the sustainable spaceship driving to Rio.

There are more and more cars on the road these days, and the consequences include congestion as well as negative impacts on climate and environment. The good news is, we can all GreenUp – and we can do it together. Travelling with others is more economic and environmentally friendly, but it’s also more fun. We can all contribute to a better and healthier environment for our communities and for future generations to enjoy.

Act now to GreenUp the planet!

It’s easy and fun. All you need is your Facebook avatar to board the futuristic spaceship. You’ll be part of the Green Train. If you convince your friends to join the adventure, you will enter the campaign competition and may win free tickets.

You can find more information on how to participate on the campaign’s website.

GreenUp is a UNEP initiative that provides resources to citizens to help them connect their everyday choices to support the transition to a Green Economy. Learn more about the initiative on their website and join them on Facebook.