Join Beyoncé and the UN in Celebrating World Humanitarian Day 2012!

I Was Here pin19 August marks World Humanitarian Day (WHD), a global day to celebrate humanity and the spirit of people helping people.

This year, international star Beyoncé, the United Nations and humanitarian aid organisations have launched a global campaign to shine a spotlight on humanitarian work and encourage people around the world to do something good for others.

The campaign website allows everyone to register their individual acts of good via their Facebook or/and Twitter accounts. On 19 August, the campaign aims to reach 1 billion people in a day with a single message of hope.

The WHD music video for Beyoncé’s song “I Was Here” will be filmed in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York in front of a live audience and released globally on 19 August. Beyoncé and songwriter Diane Warren are donating the video to the campaign.

How can you support World Humanitarian Day?

1. Visit the campaign website.
2. Click “Show Your Support” and sign up via Twitter, Facebook or both.
3. Get the word out to your friends and followers by sharing, #iwashere and #whd2012.
4. On 19 August, make your mark by doing something in your local community, and watch as everyone’s World Humanitarian Day messages are simultaneously shared around the world.

World Humanitarian Day 2012 - 1 Day, 1 World, 1 Message

In 2008, the UN General Assembly designated 19 August World Humanitarian Day to raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance worldwide, recognise people who risk their lives to help people in need, wherever they are, and to mark the day in 2003 when 22 people lost their lives in an attack on the UN offices in Baghdad.

Source: UN OCHA – United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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