European food bloggers discover why this e-card is #MoreThanFoodEU

The World Food Programme (WFP) and European Commission have teamed up with three European food bloggers to take a journey to discover the reality of Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

Bloggers and cook book authors, David Frenkiel (Sweden), Rens Kroes (The Netherlands), and Pauline Bossdorf (Germany), know how special a meal can be. And they know not everyone has the luxury of accessing the food they need or cooking the meals they enjoy.

In order to discover the reality of Syrian refugees living in Turkey, they each flew to Turkey to meet families and hear their stories.

Through talking, shopping, and cooking together, David, Rens and Pauline are finding out how food plays a central role in these families’ lives and represents one of their few remaining connections to home.

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Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees worldwide, including 2.7 million Syrians. With support from the European Commission’s Humanitarian and Civil Protection department (ECHO), WFP is reaching 285,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees with vital assistance in the form of an electronic food card each month.

This e-card does more than put food on the table. With an e-card allowance, families can buy and cook the food they need, as well as the have the freedom to choose food that can give them a sense of home.