Conference: Western Balkans, Poverty and Inclusion, 14-15 Dec. 2010, Brussels (World Bank)

Map of Western BalkansThe World Bank will convene an international conference, co-financed by UK AID/DfID, on Poverty and Social Inclusion in the Western Balkans,1 to be held in Brussels on December 14th and 15th, 2010.

The conference will mark the conclusion of a very successful collaboration between the World Bank and DfID in strengthening collection and analysis of micro-economic data and producing policy relevant research in the region. The conference is also part of the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion organized by the European Commission.

The objective of the conference is to bring together leading academics and researchers from European Member States, the six countries of the Western Balkans(1) and international organizations active in the area of combating poverty and social exclusion to:

  • Showcase recent policy research on poverty and social inclusion in the Western Balkans.
  • Promote dialogue between academics and policy makers and identify priorities for the future research agenda on poverty and inclusion.
  • Encourage collaboration between researchers in EU Member States and Candidate and Potential Candidate countries, with a view to the formation of research networks that could be leveraged in the future to apply for EU funding.

The conference will focus on poverty and social inclusion broadly defined. It will offer an opportunity to discuss analysis and policy options on issues including: measurement of poverty and social inclusion, impact of the crisis, labor markets, migration, social protection, and vulnerable groups.

Please visit the World Bank website for more information.

(1) Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYR Macedonia), Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia.