Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the UNESCO 2005 Convention, Brussels, 8 Dec. 2010

5 Years On - UNESCO Conference posterWhat? Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Two Panels debates (see the attached programme).

: 8 December 2010
Venue: Albert Hall Complex, 649-651, Chaussée de Wavre/Waverse Steenweg, 649-651, 1040 Etterbeek

Among the Speakers:   -Androulia Vassiliou, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth
-Fadela Laanan, Minister of Culture, Audiovisual Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities of the Belgian French speaking Community, representing the Belgian EU Presidency
-Francesco Bandarin, UNESCO, Assistant-Director General for Culture, former Director of the World Heritage Centre
Working languages: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.
For more information: Marie Paule Roudil, Head UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels& UNESCO Representative to European Union.  [email protected]