A Marathon for Clean Air

The BreatheLife Challenge is the frst in our series of campaigns to mobilize citizens to act in their own interests, for better air quality and better health.We want to rally people to walk, bike and use public transport to clean the air and to take a pledge to reduce air pollution emissions by “a marathon a month”— the equivalent of 42 kilometers or 26 miles of car use.

This May, the World Health Organization will release new data on the state of air pollution in the world. The latest air pollution levels and trends from 4,000 cities will be made public. Committing to “a marathon for clean air” will offer people a way to take action together.

Our Goal: 7 million kms for the 7 million lives lost 
to air pollution each year. This is the equivalent of crossing the earth 150 times and reducing emissions by over 40 tons of CO2.

We invite your organization to promote the challenge on different platforms. Use this guide to get tips, messages and ideas on what your organization can do.