EU, UN "spotlight initiative" inspires urgency to end violence against women, girls

Original article on ReliefWeb 16 April 2018, Harare - The European Union (EU) and the United…

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  • Sweden supports Africa´s borderland regions

     Sweden and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have signed a SEK 5,000,000 agreement to promote socio-economic development and peacebuilding in Africa’s borderland regions in the Liptako-Gourma in West Africa, and the Karamoja Cluster in East Africa. The programme will be implemented in collaboration with the African Union […]

  • The 22 richest men in the world own more than all the women in Africa

    The COVID-19 pandemic that gripped the world during the past year has resulted in reversing decades of progress in the fight against poverty and extreme poverty. In 2021, this number of people living in extreme poverty is expected to have risen to between 143 and 163 million. These ‘new poor’ will join the ranks of The post The 22 richest men […]

  • European Union equips marginalized UNRWA students in Jordan with tablets for innovative learning

    Education is a powerful tool and fundamental in helping every child achieve their full potential. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt education systems worldwide, digital learning has become a new reality and an essential service. The European Union has equipped the most vulnerable and marginalized UNRWA students in Jordan with tablets to enable […]

  • When Tomatoes Met Wagner

    “I wanted to make a film about the abandonment of the countryside. It was something that made me feel sad, whenever I travelled around Greece, and came across these deserted or semi-deserted villages. I learnt this is not a Greek phenomenon, it happens all over the world.” said Marianna Economou, the director of the film The post When […]

  • Finland elected to the Human Rights Council

    Finland and the United States were among 18 states that were elected to the U Human Rights Council yesterday (14 October). All 18 members will serve three‑year terms beginning on 1 January 2022. Finland received 180 votes in the election held at the UN General Assembly in New York on 14 October. Together with Luxembourg and the United The […]


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